veg/vegan breakfast jointMax-Brauer-Allee 277 - 22769 Hamburg

veg/vegan breakfast jointMax-Brauer-Allee 27722769 Hamburg

you are very welcome!

Breakfast...all day!

Sandwich and Bagel

Coffee and Smoothies

what you need to know:

When it's busy the food and drinks can take a LONG TIME. Not because we're lazy or slow or don't have enough people but because our grill and bar are relatively small and we make everything fresh.SO if you have the time, join us for a delicious meal and some nice are very welcome


No my darling!
We don't take reservations...
We never have."vi foretager ikke reservationer"
"nous ne faisons pas de réservations"
"δεν πραγματοποιούμε κρατήσεις"
"noi non facciamo prenotazioni"

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